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BP-1 & BP-2  (Blood Pressure)

BP-1 & BP-2 (Blood Pressure)

SKU: BP112212022

Waste matter causes high blood pressure in the system, overeating, wrong diet and the use of tobacco, liquor, sugar, meat, salt and de-vitamin-ized foods. Symptoms are a flushed complexion, uncomfortable feeling overweight, and weakness. Low blood pressure is caused by the lack of red corpuscles. BP-1 or BP-2 has been used for high and low blood pressure. They have also been used for parasites, fever, ringworm, asthma, colds, cramps, arthritis, as an aid to digestion and circulation, and as a natural antibiotic. Those who don’t care to have capsicum use BP-2. Ingredients: Garlic, Capsicum/Garlic, Parsley


    BP-1: Garlic, Capsicum/Garlic, Parsley

    BP-2 : Garlic, Parsley


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